Human Resources & Remuneration Committee

The objectives of the committee are to:

  • Recommend to the Board of Trustees appropriate remuneration for executives and staff.

  • Ensure that the right calibre of management and staff members are attracted and retained.

  • Recommend remuneration to trustees.

In performing its duties, the commitee takes local and national remuneration levels and trends into account. The Fund has committed itself to fair employment policies and practices as defined in applicable labour legislation in general and in the Employment Equity Act, No 55 of 1998 in particular. The Fund encourages career growth for previously disadvantaged groups of employees through its training, development and education programme. Career growth, in turn, contributes to the Fund's overall business objectives. The Human Resources and Remuneration Committee plays an integral part in succession planning, especially for the chief executive officer and executive management. The Fund has submitted its employment equity report in accordance with legislation.

Chairman Members Alternate Members
AC Bardin AB la Grange
JPL Bezuidenhout
K Morodi (Ms)
DF Maritz
S Singh (Me)
AP van der Merwe
JDAF van Niekerk
A Clarke (Ms)
HH Hickey (Mrs)
C van Jaarsveldt (Mrs) / J Norval
J de Vos Hugo
T Dlangamandla
C van Jaarsveldt (Mrs) / J Norval
J de Vos Hugo
GE du Plessis
J de Vos Hugo
C van Jaarsveldt (Mrs) / J Norval
C van Jaarsveldt (Mrs) / J Norval

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