Investment Committee

Appointed by the Board to monitor and report on investment managers of the Fund. Main Responsibilities:

  • Review and recommend an overall investment policy for approval by the Board of Trustees.

  • Review in the investment policy regularly. Ensure that the Fund's investment policy is implemented.

  • Select and appoint consultants, investment managers and custodians.

  • Approve an investment mandate for each investment manager, including an appropriate benchmark for performance measurement purposes.

  • Monitor investment activities.

The committee relies on professional advisers for assistance.

Chairman Members

Alternate Members

JL Liackman
(Independent non-executive)
HJ Groenewald
JPL Bezuidenhout
BJ Drew
J de Vos Hugo
HH Hickey (Mrs)

AJ Jacobs
NA Monaheng
AJ Pienaar
AC Bardin
A Jatham
MH Pearson
AC Bardin
AC Bardin
L Mc Master
M Mngceke
AP van der Merwe

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