Pensioner Benefit Application Forms

Please remember to read the applicable benefit brochure before completing the relevant application form. (Click on the appropriate form below)

Send your application form and required documents to:

  • Mail : The Manager, Sentinel Retirement Fund, P O Box 61172, Marshalltown, 2107

  • E-mail :

  • Fax : (011) 481-8111


  1. Checklist of Documents Required for Death of a Pensioner

  2. Details of Deceased Pensioner

  3. Application for Death Benefits By Spouse / Life Partner

  4. Affidavit By Spouse (If Applicable)

  5. Flexible Pension Option (Spouse)

  6. Application by Other Parties

  7. Application by Executor

  8. Application for Unpaid Pension due to Estate

  9. Benefit Waiver

  10. Death Benefit Questionnaire - Other Parties

  11. Death Benefit Questionnaire Spouse / Life Partner

  12. Equal Split Form for Biological / Legally Adopted Children of Deceased

  13. Affidavit Confirming Dependants (Biological / Legally Adopted Children and Spouses of Deceased)

  14. Confirmation of no Spouse and / or Life Partner

  15. Request for Advance (In respect of a Death Claim)

  1. Foreign Pensioner Banking Details

  2. Information Required by the Exchange Control Authorities

  1. Additional Tax Deductions

  2. Application for A Duplicate Payslip / Tax Certificate

  3. Application to convert Flexible Pension to a Guaranteed Pension

  4. Change of Address Form

  5. Change of Banking Details Form

  6. Custodian Form

  7. Election to Convert Death Benefit To Pension

  8. Life Certificate Form

  9. Pensioner Nomination Form

  10. Preferred Communication Channel & Web Access

  11. Profile Detail Update

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